Our weekend was busy as always, we spent most of it at the bridal boutique, I installed a few racks, built a platform for the mannequins and helped Kerrie entertain a lot of girls who are shopping for their upcoming debutante’s and weddings. I felt as though  I shot a full wedding but, talking to young teens and their mums and being able to help them find their dream dress was so much fun. It is something different, and something I think  I would like to do again in the future.

I also met with Daniel & Kathryn, we went location scouting around Pfeiffer’s Winery at Rutherglen. Daniel is an engineer and Kathryn sells Harley Davidson motorcycles, they both ride motorbikes, that’s what they do for fun. I am very excited to photograph their upcoming wedding.

I can’t wait to share some amazing photos that Daniel, Kathryn and I will produce, these are my favourite from our session.

This first photo was taken inside the shed.

Pfeiffer Wines


pfeiffer wines - shed

dan and kat

daniel + kathryn

These were taken inside the shed.


good looking couple



kathryn and daniel

wahgunyah wedding photographer

michael esplana