Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you hire gowns or accessories?

A. Esplana Bridal are retailers of quality bridal, debutante and bridesmaids gowns and cannot offer hire of gowns or accessories.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. In order for us to provide dedicated time to our customers an appointment is preferred. Appointments are, of course, obligation free but assist us to give you the unhurried and dedicated service that every client deserves. If you arrive without an appointment we will endeavour to assist you as early as possible, however, an appointment will avoid lengthy waiting.

Q. My figure shape is difficult to fit. Can you help me?

A. We understand that everybody is an individual and we cater to brides who require specialised garments to accommodate fuller bust fittings, additional length for taller brides and fuller figure fittings for the voluptuous bride. You can feel comfortable in the fact that we regularly assist clients with individual fitting requirements.

Q. Do you offer dressmaking services or alterations to fit and are they an additional cost?

A. As most gowns require some final adjustments to fit which for most brides, is a hemline alteration and/or side-seam adjustments Esplana Bridal has specialised service providers they recommend for these services. The cost of final adjustments is not part of the purchase price as some clients need none at all whilst others require adjustments that are quite extensive. Our recommended alterations services will provide a quotation at the first fitting prior to any work being carried out.

Q. How much do your gowns cost?

A. We offer a comprehensive range of bridal, debutante and bridesmaids across a broad price range and can accommodate most budgets. We also have an extensive range of clearance gowns available for purchase to accommodate clients with limited budgets.

Q. Do you offer a Lay-By or Order service that allows me to pay my gown off over time?

A. Yes. We offer a 4 month Lay-By or Purchase Order plan that allows you to commence your purchase on as little as a 50% deposit and make regular payments over the term of the Lay-By or Order. Terms and conditions do apply however we endeavour to make the purchase of your special gown as easy as possible.

Q. How long does an ordered gown take to be made?

A. We work closely with our selected designers to ensure gowns are delivered as close as possible to promised delivery. Bridal and debutante gown delivery timeframes vary from designer to designer. Normal delivery timeframes can vary from 2 weeks to 6 months. Our staff will guide you with this as it varies significantly between designers. We select styles only from designers whose reputation for quality and reliability is proven.